Bigfoot and the Rebel

Bigfoot and the Rebel

This is a short documentary in three parts (less than 5 minutes each) produced in 2008 by Underground Man XY Productions that gives a nice visual of my experience in the field and the Sierra Nevada terrain where I concentrate my field research efforts. I’m working through many of the ideas and concepts that would form the core of my analysis for Bigfoot in Evolutionary Perspective.

A quote from In Pursuit of a Legend captures what the search is like: “…the reality that the search was dirty and hard and wore at you and was nearly impossible and was in every way a manifestation of the material plane left me grasping for the ethereal.” p. 167

Bigfoot and the Rebel, Part 1.

Bigfoot and the Rebel, Part 2.

Bigfoot and the Rebel, Part 3.

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