Bigfoot Abilities and Speed Chart

The following chart of bigfoot speeds was compiled from data from

Chart 5. 1 Bigfoot Speed by Speedometer

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In a large database of close to 4000 sightings, some very unique information can sometimes be mined from the eyewitness sightings data. In a very small number of sightings, the bigfoot ran alongside a vehicle and the eyewitness was able to ascertain the running speed of the bigfoot by the speedometer, a reliable standard of measurement.

The two observations in the lower 20 mph range likely indicate the bigfoot was merely pacing the vehicle’s speed. The cluster of eleven sightings in the 30-40 mph range are more indicative of bigfoot running speeds of 35-40 mph at the upper end. This correlates to bigfoot matching the top running speeds of favored prey, white-tailed deer and mule deer. The two reports in the extreme upper speed range of 60+ mph point to errors or hoaxes of some kind. Top line bigfoot running speeds of 35-40 mph (and no more) are substantiated by a report of a vehicle traveling at 50 mph that was able to catch up to a running bigfoot.

The following chart from Bigfoot in Evolutionary Perspective, Chapter 5, is a summary of bigfoot abilities and the reliable standard of measurement used to ascertain each. Running speeds, vertical and horizontal leaping ability (often from a stand still position), and tree trunk breaking data compiled from

Table 5. 2 Bigfoot Abilities

Table 5. 2 Bigfoot Abilities

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