Bigfoot Estimated Height Charts

The following charts of bigfoot height were complied from data from I’ve excerpted several paragraphs of analysis from Bigfoot in Evolutionary Perspective to put the data in greater context.

Chart 4.1

Eyewitness Estimated Bigfoot Height

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Excerpted from Bigfoot in Evolutionary Perspective:

“Height estimates for bigfoot range from four feet, presumed juveniles, to eleven feet plus (Table 2, in book). The most commonly estimated height by eyewitnesses is eight feet, with approximately 42% of eyewitnesses reporting this figure, followed by height estimates of seven feet, with approximately 25% of eyewitnesses reporting this figure. Statistical calculations suggest that 64-69% of all eyewitnesses who have seen a bigfoot would estimate its height as seven to eight feet.[1] The estimates argue against hoaxing and in favor of a hominin that attains heights well in excess of humans, though the possibility exists that the eyewitness height estimates are inaccurate to some degree. Psychological field studies suggest that height estimates of other humans are a common source of eyewitness error, often underestimated or overestimated by more than two inches.” (p. 59)

“In contrast to judging human heights where psychological studies consider a variance of more than two inches an error, such strict error rates would be inappropriate when judging the bigfoot eyewitness since height estimations in the case of the much taller hominin are generalizations to some degree. I don’t think any researcher expects a bigfoot reported to be seven feet to precisely measure out at such a height. What is expected is an acceptable range, and estimates within two, three, even four inches might well be considered accurate when witnesses are seeing hominins whose height falls so far outside of the human average. Therefore, acceptable actual heights of a bigfoot reported to be seven feet tall would correlate to a range of 6’ 8” to 7’ 4,” and this range might even be extended several inches more at the higher end. The argument could be made that since eyewitnesses rely almost exclusively on the larger interval of feet when giving height estimates for bigfoot that error rates should be similarly measured. Errors would then occur when a bigfoot reported to be seven feet tall is in actuality much closer to six feet or eight feet tall.” (p. 60-61)

Chart 4. 2

Bigfoot estimated height according to police officer testimony

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“It may be that the much heavier build of bigfoot leads to unintentionally inflated height estimates by eyewitnesses, perpetuating the illusion of greater height in the hominin, or the frightening or shocking nature of some encounters leads to unintentionally inflated height estimates. Fortunately, Green’s database contains over sixty eyewitness encounters with sasquatches by law enforcement officials, and thirty of these provide height estimates. The training police officers receive lead them to be far more accurate in estimating individual heights than the general public. After years of duty, the importance of observing and recording such a crucial detail in suspect identification becomes second nature. Heights of suspects can be estimated in relation to objects in the environment such as doorframes, in relation to other witnesses, or in relation to the officer’s own height. Analysis of the thirty police officer estimates of bigfoot heights reveals that the vast majority of police officers reported the observed bigfoot to be seven to eight feet tall (Table 3, in book). Twenty-five reports either estimated the observed bigfoot to be seven feet tall, seven to eight feet tall, or eight feet tall. Including another report that estimated the bigfoot to be six to seven feet tall and one report that estimated the bigfoot to be eight to eight and a half feet tall, fully 90% of the police officers estimated bigfoot to be in the range of seven to eight feet, a high percentage that instills confidence in the results, despite the small sample. The range for police officer sightings indicates that at a minimum 79% of all officers with a bigfoot sighting who can provide a height estimate would estimate it to be within the range of roughly seven to eight feet tall; likely, more than 79% of officers would estimate an observed bigfoot to be seven to eight feet tall.[3]” (p. 62)

“Police officer height estimates correlate remarkably well with other eyewitness sightings estimates and are a strong indicator that eyewitnesses are not overinflating height estimates for bigfoot. The police sighting that resulted in a bigfoot height estimate of nine to ten feet was the result of the hominin being visible just above the waist as it walked through six foot tall marsh grass, so this measurement was derived by direct comparison to an object in the environment.[4] It may represent the upper height range of the bigfoot population that only a small statistical minority of adult male sasquatches ever attain. It should be noted that some other police officer height estimates were calculated by comparing the bigfoot to an object in the environment, like a tree, as were some eyewitness sightings made by the general public, lending greater credibility to the estimated height in these cases. What the police officer estimates do cast doubt upon are those eyewitness sightings where bigfoot heights are estimated as eleven feet or more. These are almost certainly height inflations or perhaps even hoaxes, though such reports are in the clear statistical minority (1.9%) anyway.” (p. 63)

“The large number of eyewitness reports (1,774) in conjunction with the testimony of trained observers (police officers) indicate that it is highly likely that adult sasquatches attain heights of seven feet or greater. A conservative conclusion that can be applied to the bigfoot population at large is that average adult heights exceed average human adult male heights by a significant margin—at least a foot or more, though it is difficult to be more exacting than this.” (p. 63-64)

[1] 1181/1774=66.6%, confidence interval ±2.19, range for sightings 64.41% to 68.79%.

[3] 27/30= 90%, Confidence Interval: ±10.74, range for sightings 79.26% to 100%.

[4] incident #991170.

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